Racers, Start Your Engines! Nearly 200 Cosplayers Gather for the Biggest April Fool's Cos-Prank Yet!

April 2, 2019

Collage made by Gaius Cosplay


Oh no! Looks like the Koopa Troopa army is at it again!


Some of you may have noticed an invasion of Shyguys and Shygals all over the internet today. It was no sheer coincidence! It was one of the several cosplay groups that got together to do a themed event for social media this April Fool's. Nearly 200 cosplayers participated in the 2019 Shyguy group- double that of the Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy prank from last year! The event went down under the tag #shygalgang this time around, and several shenanigans ensued!



Even these good doggos showed their April Fool's spirit!




























Left: adventureswithavalanche poses with shelbyeileencosplay in this pic by nicknewton07

Right: beggingfortreats got dressed up too! Photo by bombchellecosplay



"Oh no, I'm late!! Which way is it to the race track?"


All of us were terribly lost for HOURS, looking for the way to the starting line so that we could race in Mario Kart! It seems like someone forgot to give us the correct address, so some of us ended up at the wrong game entirely, like laser tag, or skee ball! We could have just stopped to ask someone for directions, b-b-but... we're way too shy to do that! No way!



























Left: Cosplayer is podgekinn, and photographer is cosmogini on Instagram

Right: shirleysurelycosplay sure looks shy as Shyguy in this photo by danielle.jpg_



Safety in numbers! Shyguys start searching for the starting line together!


Eventually some of us Shyguys were able to find each other, and tried to congregate and find the starting line together. That seemed to be more successful, but it still seemed like we were all ending up at different tracks! No matter how hard we searched, we figured we would all be late and miss the race for sure...


 "Whoops? How did we end up at Peach Beach??" These fantastic cosplayers in Hawaii may have ended up at the wrong track, but honestly, not a bad place to get lost!


Cosplayers, from left to right: Ohnuggins,