Make It With Momo: Pokeball Tutorial in Just 5 Steps!

July 10, 2019

Whether you grew up with the games, loved the anime, collected the trading cards, or joined the Pokemon Go craze, it’s impossible to not feel like a kid again whenever you think about Pokemon. With this easy tutorial, you can hold “the power that’s inside" as I show you how to make the classic red and white icon that is quintessential to any Pokemon cosplay!


This tutorial is beginner-friendly, but if you plan to do this with kids, make sure that the children are closely supervised around all of the materials and supplies! Also be aware that the Pokeballs are intended as props and not made for a rigorous and physical playtime- they can crack or break if thrown, so you should treat these with care. For safe travel and storage, a 3x5” index card box *like this one* can hold two Pokeballs together!



Use some tissue paper to cushion them and keep them nice and safe! 




  • 60-80 mm bath bomb/plastic ornaments I like the ones with tabs, you can add a clip to it to hang it from a belt or a bag, like these here: Clear Plastic Acrylic Bath Bomb Balls (12 Pack)

  • Red and white spray paint/primer (matte) For a super fast-drying opaque finish in a vibrant red, I used the Design Master Colortool Spray Paint in Carnation Red (12 Ounces)

  • Cardboard   or   painter’s tarp

  • Masking tape

  • Pencil

  • 2mm thick white and black craft foam

  • Scissors    or    Blade + Cutting Mat

  • Superglue my personal favorite super glue is the Loctite Gel Control because of its small nozzle and easy-to-control applicator! It's super ideal for small things like crystal rhinestones!

  • Thin black tape I use whiteboard tape, like this 6 Pack Whiteboard Tape from Amazon!

  • Optional: Keyring/keychain clips


After procuring these supplies, you’re ready to get started!




Step 1: Tape Off the Outside


In order to keep your Pokeballs nice and shiny, we will actually be painting the inside of the ornaments! To prevent paint from getting on the outside, we will use the masking tape to cover the outside surface. Separate the ornaments into halves and start taping away, making sure no paint can sneak through. Don't forget to cover the little tabs too! You can also use the tape to adhere it to your piece of cardboard, so they don't roll around in the next step.




Step 2: Paint!


Yeah, it’s paint time already! Make sure to divide your ornaments into two groups, the tops and the bottoms- you don't want one whole red ball! You'll paint half your ornaments in red, and half in white. Don’t use any primer on the ornaments, unless you want that to be the color that’s visible from the outside (white primer would be the exception). Be sure to read the instructions on your can on how to get a clean coat of paint- a perfect first coat is essential, since any flaws will be visible from the outside of the ball. Do multiple light coats every 10-15 minutes if necessary. Once you've painted the inside of the ornaments and they've fully dried, carefully remove the masking tape and check to see if it's a solid coat. If not, simply repeat steps 1 and 2!