Sew What: First Blog Post! Sewing the Sleeveless Leotard, Pattern 1322

April 19, 2018

Photo by Vagabond Photography


One of my more popular patterns is the Sleeveless Leotard Pattern (Pattern 1322), extremely useful for anyone who wants to fight crime and feel comfy, or perhaps twirl around and strike a pose. Whether you're kicking butt, or dancing gracefully, this pattern is the perfect look for various active costumes! And it's not only useful for just cosplay, so if you have other uses for it, I would love to see what projects you end up making with it!


With most of my sewing patterns, I like to do video tutorials, because it is much easier for me to show you while I'm explaining my process, but for those that prefer written instructions, I'll be offering them on my site here as blog posts! Well, that and I mostly can't edit video until I get a new computer, as mine is probably on its last leg and won't let me edit video clips anymore- darn!



Buy the Sleeveless Leotard Pattern Here:

Size Extra Small, Short Torso

Size Small, Short Torso


These are some instructions that I had written as a cursory guide, so if there's any step you don't understand or need help on, let me know and I'll be happy to assist explaining anything here in more depth! Pictures will be added as soon as I can locate some. If I don't have any, I'll just have to make another leotard and add some in! Not that I'm complaining, I do need another one, haha!



Sewing Instructions:



-after cutting all pieces out in the face fabric and lining fabric, baste all individual lining pieces together with the corresponding face fabric (stitch at 5mm on edges, 1/8" away from edges)



-sew underbust lines (top front to top bottom, back top to back bottom)

-sew side seams, sew shoulders

-serge seams so far (if you have a serger)

-serge edges (leg holes, arm holes, edges of crotch, neckline if you have a serger)


Finishing Edges:

-flip leg edges 5/16" in and stitch, leaving an opening at the crotch so you can feed 1/4" elastic through. Use 2" less elastic than length of leg seam, so that the leg hole will cling to the body

-flip neck edge 1/4" in and stitch

-flip shoulder edge 1/4" in FOR PLUTO or manga/Crystal Mercury (no sleeves), otherwise leave as is until you are ready to complete the sleeves


Adding Final Details:

-add sleeves if your character has sleeves

-add snaps for skirt and collar

-add snaps/hooks at crotch*



*The crotch parts are made to overlap slightly so you can add a fastening decide like snaps and/or pant hooks for easy access to use the bathroom and dressing. If you determine it is slightly too long (some people have a shallower crotch depth than others), some length can be taken off to accommodate!



More info to come soon! As mentioned prior, if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to let me know by leaving a comment, emailing me, etc! Also, YES more sizes of leotards are coming as soon as I'm able to get pattern grading software. Hurray! <3 

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