Shyguy / Shygal

Mario Games
Why Shyguy?

Another year, another April Fool's cosplay prank! For 2019, it was Shyguy from the Nintendo Mario games! Also jokingly called Shygal, this prank was inspired from a few different artists' take on a more humanoid Shyguy, and several cosplayers of all genders partook in the shenanigans! With only just a few weeks to assemble and shoot the costumes, it became a massive collaboration between cosplayers recommending stuff off of Amazon, sharing accessories, shooting each other, grouping up with other local cosplayers, 3D printing masks and sharing patterns for the dresses, and more!

Costume Stats

Started: March 2019

Completed: March 2019

Status: active

Wig by: Amazon (non-specific wig seller)

Worn at: April Fool's 2019

Awards: none

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About This Costume

This was a relatively easy costume to put together! I had originally ordered a dress on Amazon, but wanted longer sleeves, so used some red knit fabric I had on hand for 5 years to make one from scratch! I sort of rushed the dress, so some parts came out wonky, like the hood, which lead me to not being able to attach the mask strap over the back of the head. It didn't quite work right with the style of hood I did, so I'll keep that in mind if I make another one!

The belts are just cheap brown pleather that I cut into strips and glued velcro to. The buckles are temporarily yellow craft foam until I can have time to make something more sturdy! The white stockings were ordered off of Amazon, along with this cute wig! 

My boots are actually from Sailor Uranus, so they're a tad bit darker, but that's okay! My lovely mask was printed by Aznproblems Cosplay, and sanded, primed, and finished by me! Took a LOT of foam to make it comfy, because it's such a flat shape, and I still feel like it could use more! XD

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