Sheryl Nome

Macross Frontier
Why Sheryl Nome?

The cowgirl or "love slinger" version was a surprising direction for me to go with for Sheryl. Not that it's a surprise for me anymore, but that I have SO many other Sheryl outfits that I've wanted to do for much longer! So for me to have pulled this one out of thin air was somewhat impulsive, but satisfying nonetheless! It only appears in one movie, and of course some art books and merchandise, but it's not one of her more popularly known ensembles. I still had a blast making it though!

Costume Stats

Started: December 2012

Completed: May 2013

Status: active

Wig by: Cosplay-Wig

Worn at: Anime Central 2013

Awards: Runner Up Journeyman - Anime Central 2013

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About This Costume

Sheryl Nome's cowgirl outfit was a pretty challenging one, but quite fun to make, and even more fun to wear! The whole outfit was patterned by me using flat patterning and draping techniques.


The blouse is made from Casa satin and has hand-stitched trims and ribbons. It zips up from the back, since the wig covers it, so no one will seeeee. The vest and skirt are made of microsuede, and the vest is lined in a matching shade of peachskin. I paid attention to the small details in the skirt and vest, such as the laced vents on the skirt, and the functioning buttons on the vest, as well as buckle and strap on the back.


The gloves, stockings, and neck bow were also all created from scratch by me. The boots and hat were heavily altered. For the boots, I shortened the calves, painted the heels and the hearts, and added custom tassles. I also used the straps that were previously wrapped around the boots to serve as the side strap. The hat is covered in glitter, and has a hot pink suede band with a bedazzled heart buckle. The buckle is actually a children's heart bracelet, haha.


Lastly the belt/holster were made out of interfacing and have hand installed grommets. The guns were altered from pistols I had already, and painted pink like Sheryl's!

Why Sheryl Nome?

Macross Frontier is one of my favorite anime to this day. Action, sci-fi, romance, humor, pop stars- what's not to love? Sheryl was always a character that I thought I could never pull off,  even though I admired her so SO much. However, I did her Star Date outfit because it is so cute, and wanted something simple and comfy to wear, and I was impressed at how I felt in the costume! It encouraged me to want to do even more Sheryl Nome looks!

Costume Stats

Started: March 2012

Completed: May 2012

Status: retired

Wig by: Cosplay-Wig

Worn at: Anime Central 2012, AnimeWorld Indy 2012

Awards: none

About This Costume

This one was mostly found item, actually. The shorts, socks, and boots were all bought and unaltered. The jewelry was bought from Walmart and then painted. I covered a headband in the same fabric as the shirt to have a perfect match, and made my own earrings.

The blouse was the only part fully handmade by me! It was done in peachskin with elastic and jersey knit for the top and bottom bands. I would really love to remake this outfit at some point, it's really cute, but I could have made it slightly better if I had the skills then that I have now!

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