Professional Philosophy

Momo Kurumi Cosplay became closely involved with conventions as a way to give back to a community that has shown her over a decade's worth of valuable lessons. She seeks to inspire others, just as she was by her predecessors. Lovingly referred to as "a Disney Princess", she is known for her friendliness, creativity, and passion!

Through exciting and educational panels, Momo has spoken to thousands of cosplayers and attendees across the U.S. to teach, inform, and entertain on a variety of topics. She has also offered her extensive knowledge as a professional seamstress and costumer by judging masquerades at cons such as Anime Central, Anime St. Louis, and more!

Momo has worked with names like Funimation and Viz Media, promoting their services and show line -ups. She was even the official Michiko cosplayer for the U.S. premiere of Michiko to Hatchin! Additionally, her experience working at Disney brings a world-class level of engaging, upbeat interaction, which she still practices in her professional life!


Be it through conventions or online, Momo is always eager to collaborate with those that share the same mission! Momo subscribes to five core values, and infuses these ideals into every aspect of her life and brand. They are to:

Lead by Example, Embody Kindness, Advocate Positivity, Fight for Diversity, and Support the Community

Animatic Con 2019

Available Services

•Convention guest appearances, table hosting, interactions

•Contest judge, emcee, and director

•Convention panels and workshops host

•In-character "meet and greets" with children and families

•Booth attendant, booth cosplay model/mascot

•Social media brand promotion, brand ambassador

•Product reviews, sponsored posts, blog posts

•Cosplay project partnerships and collaborations

•Costume fabrication for promotional purposes

Past Event & Brand Collaborations

Convention History

Anime Central 2017-2019: Hall Cosplay Contest Judge

Animatic Con 2019: Cosplay Guest, Cosplay Contest Judge

OhayoCon 2019: Cosplay Guest, Fashion Show Judge

Indy PopCon 2018: Contest Judge

EvilleCon 2018: Cosplay Guest, Contest Judge

Wizard World St. Louis 2018: Cosplay Guest, Contest Judge

KentokyoCon North 2018: Cosplay Guest

Cincinnati Comic Expo 2017: Cosplay Guest

KentokyoCon 2017: Cosplay Guest, Contest Judge

SoyCon 2017: Cosplay Guest

Anime St. Louis 2017: Cosplay Guest, Contest Judge

GojotekiCon 2017: Cosplay Guest, Contest Judge

AnimaticCon 2017: Cosplay Guest

IkasuCon 2014: Contest Judge

RamenCon 2011-2013: Masquerade Director

Examples of Table Displays

Cincinnati Comic Expo 2017
KentokyoCon North 2018
OhayoCon 2019
Animatic Con 2019

Examples of Event Promotion

Wizard World St. Louis 2018
OhayoCon 2019

Brand Ambassador Experience

Purple Plum Inc. 2018-2019: Cosplay Wig Brand Ambassador

Viz Media at Anime Expo 2016: Official Sailor Mars Cosplayer for launch of Sailor Moon S

Funimation at Anime Boston 2013: Booth Ambassador, Official Michiko Cosplayer for U.S. premiere of Michiko to Hatchin

Funimation at Anime Central 2013: Cosplayer & Booth Ambassador

Viz Media at Anime Expo 2016
Photo by Cospix

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