Pokémon Go Trainer

Pokémon Go
Why Pokémon Go?

I've been a fan of Pokémon since my very first Red game, and although I had only played up to the third gen on the handheld games (got hard to keep buying new consoles to keep up with them), I happily got back into it once Pokémon Go launched in 2016! As always, Pokémon trainers have a way of being cute, stylish, comfortable, and distinct, and the mobile game by Niantic was no exception!

I fashioned my in-game avatar to be based on Team Mystic's blue colors, but since some of the shades of blue were hard to match (thanks, Niantic) I opted for some pops of yellow to go with it. So admittedly, I get mistaken for Team Instinct a lot, hahaha. I do eventually want to make an outfit based on each team's colors, but I had to represent my true team, Mystic, first!

The wonderful thing about Pokémon Go trainers, is they're all customizable, so it's okay if I don't feel like wearing the wig, or I forget my gloves or something of that nature. The idea behind this was to have a cute, easy, and comfortable cosplay to wear on Sundays of cons, or during evenings when I'm tired out from bigger costumes, but still want to feel dressed up! So far, it's been great, and I recommend everyone to do a Pokémon Go trainer outfit for a comfy casual cosplay!

Costume Stats

Started: January 2019

Completed: April 2019

Status: active

Wig by: none / Epic Cosplay Wigs (for blonde ponytail)

Worn at: OhayoCon 2019, Animatic Con 2019,

Anime Central 2019, ColossalCon 2019, A-Kon 2019,

Lvl Up Expo 2020

Awards: none

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About This Costume

The idea of this outfit was to be as comfortable as possible, so I tried to pick mostly knits, since they have some stretch and give to them! Plus they generally have a more athletic feel to them, which any active Pokémon trainer would appreciate!

My first version of the hat was just a plain white baseball cap that I picked up from a craft store, and sewed yellow vinyl on top, but I eventually replaced it with a cap I found online that was two tone white and blue. Since the second cap had an interfaced crown area, I opted to paint the Pokéball design on with fabric paint.

The black choker I use is a spare one I had from when I was making Sailor Moon chokers. It's made from the same satin as my Sailor Pluto cosplay! The fingerless black gloves were also just spare gloves from other cosplays like Black Widow. I'll eventually remake them in blue to match my romper!

Speaking of which, the romper is made of matte blue spandex from the Yaya Han cosplay collection. I may consider remaking it in scuba knit, for an even sturdier feel to it. The cropped jacket over top is made of fleece, but again... I would prefer to make it in sweatshirt fleece/knit. This one is comfy and warm, but not the best for warm weather, since it's a bit thicker.

The belt is made of some leftover scrap vinyl from my Faye cosplay, laid over some elastic. I added a belt loop with a keyring so I could attach a Pokéball to it too! The buckle for the belt is made out of PETG plastic, and velcros on, so I can switch out the buckles if I want!

I got the shoes from Payless Shoesource (cries forever about my favorite place to get cosplay shoes closing down!) and they're super comfy! My Team Mystic pin was graciously gifted to me by HDC Props at OhayoCon 2019. Last but not least, my Togepi plushie was bought, and I share it with my Misty cosplay. I also have a Growlithe costume that I made for my dog when I did Officer Jenny for Halloween 2018!

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