Officer Jenny

Self Portrait
Photo by Cory Haight
Photo by Clayton Chapman
Why Officer Jenny?

I've wanted to cosplay Jenny for forever now, and for the 2018 April Fool's cosplay group, we all decided to do Officer Jenny or Nurse Joy! It was the perfect motivation to finally go and make it! I really love how it came out! It's simple, but cute, comfortable (minus my shoes ahaha), and not too revealing, so I can wear it in most contexts! PLUS I get to wear a canon bag with it to keep my phone and keys in! And Pokéballs and Rare Candies of course. ;P

Pokémon was a HUGE part of my childhood growing up, so I'm surprised I actually haven't done any cosplays from the game or show! I had started a Misty at the end of 2017, but hadn't worn it even by the time I did Jenny in 2018. So uh, I should probably get around to wearing Misty soon!

Costume Stats

Started: March 2018

Completed: March 2018

Status: active

Wig by: Arda Wigs- Nicki in Ocean Blue

Worn at: April Fool's Day 2018, Anime Central 2018, Halloween 2018, Louisville SuperCon 2018, OhayoCon 2019,

Indy PopCon 2019

Awards: Best Group (Officer Jenny & Brock)- Louisville SuperCon 2018: Masquerade Competition, Judge's Choice- Indy PopCon 2019 Ultimate  Cosplay Championship

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About This Costume

For the wig, I wanted something casual that was "grab and go" where I could just toss it in my suitcase and not have to worry about the style getting damaged. Maybe one day I'd like to do the spiky style, but I love this curly wig in the meantime! I also wish the bangs were a tad longer so I could curl them, but maybe I can fix that later.

I used bottomweight fabrics to create the uniform- luckily it came in all the colors that I needed! I patterned the whole look on my dress form, and everything is serged, and almost all stitches are top-stitched to give it a pressed and clean appearance.

The blouse with peplum is separate from the mini pencil skirt. The skirt and blouse both zip up on the left side with an invisible zipper. I wish I had made the collar of the blouse detachable so I could've made it more fitted to the neckline. I had to deepen the collar so I could put it over my head, haha. Oh well, now I know for next time! 

For the blouse shoulder straps, I opted to add little gold buttons and make a pointed ending to them just to make the detail a little more interesting! The buttons on the shoulders, breast pockets, collar, and hat were all cast in resin with gold powder pigment.

The red trim on the collar and hat are done in bias tape, and the hat is entirely made from scratch using upholstery interfacing, stretch vinyl, and scraps from the uniform. I still have to make a more accurate belt buckle, and strap for my bag, but those are easy-peasy, and I'll get to them eventually, I suppose, hahaha. 

Why Officer Jenny?

I was inspired suddenly one morning to make a swim costume based on Officer Jenny, so I busted out some sketches and cranked out the resulting swimsuit in just two days! It is probably one of my favorite original design swimsuits to date, and I really loved the reception it got when I wore it out. I even ran into three other swimsuit Officer Jennies, and a swim Nurse Joy!

Costume Stats

Started: May 2019

Completed: May 2019

Status: active

Wig by: Amazon (unknown/generic seller)

Worn at: ColossalCon 2019

Awards: none

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Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 5.40.15 PM.png
About This Costume

I used scraps and pretty much all things I had on hand (save for splurging on some $6 aviator glasses for this look). Because it's all made from scraps there's a few wonky things, like the back of the suit has a slightly different shade of light blue than the front, but it's mostly little details that wouldn't show up in photos.

The hat was made using a visor I butchered from a cheap Amazon hat. It came as a pack of two from when I did Camie Utsushimi, so you can see on her page a little of what the hat looked like before I chopped it up, hahaha. I sewed blue spandex and red bias tape to the crown of the visor and added a small gold star leftover from when I cast a bunch for my Officer Jenny (above).

Lastly, I tried to top this whole look off with some fun accessories. I used my whistle from Pinkie Pie, rehomed on an old, red, con badge lanyard, bought some toy handcuffs for fun photos, and used my Shyguy wig for a more causal "beachy" look. Plus I didn't want the curls in my other wig to get ruined in the wave pool!

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Photo by Cory Haight