Sailor Neptune / Michiru Kaioh

Sailor Moon
Why Neptune?

Although Sailor Mars was the first scout that wanted to do, the honor of first actually goes to Neptune! I completed Sailor Neptune in her first version in 2013, and then went on to remake her in late 2016/early 2017. The level of improvement from my first even sailor uniform to my present shows just how much I grew and learned in a short number of years! I'm always becoming better at my craft, so there's no such thing as a project that I can't learn from. I hope to eventually cosplay all ten of the main Sailor senshi eventually! So far I'm 7/10, I just have Saturn and the Moons to cosplay now!

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Sailor Collar, Bows, Leotards, and More!

Costume Stats

Started: October 2016

Completed: January 2017

Status: active

Wig by: Arda- Grace Classic in Ocean Blue

Worn at: OhayoCon 2017, KatsuCon 2017,

Cincinnati Comic Expo 2017

Awards: Best Masters- OhayoCon 2017

About This Costume

I used duchess satin for all of the teal parts (skirt, collar, choker, and glove rolls, back bow) and Casa matte satin for the front and back bow. I went for a thinner manga style for my tiara, which was made using PETG plastic and spray painted gold, and it sticks on with fashion tape. The gem is a Swarovski crystal also!

The suit is matte spandex and lined as well! The brooch is made of resin. I have tutorials on how I made the collar and front bow on my YouTube channel. I'm also adding more parts like how I did the skirt! I have two videos for the skirt up so far, but it's pretty involved, so it's broken up into a few videos. More tutorials will come soon- whenever my video editor decides to work again, hahaha

Even this second version of Neptune got a few updates, such as having the collar redone. My unique way of pleating the skirt was about the only thing that remained constant in all of my versions of the scouts.

After making Sailor Mars and Neptune, and having a blast in doing so, I became quite the addict for making senshi uniforms and went on to create several more, including all of the inner planets, and most of the outer planets. Only the Moons and Saturn are left for me to do of the main sailor cast!

Be sure to check out some of my patterns on Etsy if you're interested in making one of these looks for yourself! More patterns and sizes coming soon, also!

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Why Neptune?

Michiru always had an amazing sense of style, even with some of the 90's fashion that didn't age as gracefully, haha. But this swimsuit of hers? Absolutely divine! Totally timeless, and feels so cute to wear, that I could even wear it in non-cosplay contexts! I had wanted to make this suit for a few years and finally got around to doing it for ColossalCon 2017 with TornadoDocCon as my Haruka!

Costume Stats

Started: May 2017

Completed: May 2017

Status: active

Wig by: Arda Wigs- Matilda

Worn at: ColossalCon 2017

Awards: none

About This Costume

I draped this look on my dress form and overall it was a very simple design, so I made the pattern in about an hour! The top panel is performance mesh from Joann and the body and collar of the suit are Yaya Han's matte spandex. It has such a sleek and luxurious feel to it, and I didn't need any additional lining for the body because it's such a dense weave, but still feels breathable!

The suit is all fully finished with serging, elastic hems in the legs, and on the back, and adjustable hook and eye on the neck. 10/10 had a blast making this suit and kind of want to make variations of it just for fun personal projects in some other fabrics I have laying around!

Why Neptune?

Sailor Mars was always the first scout that I intended to cosplay, but I ended up going with Neptune instead! I made Neptune V1 in late 2013, and this version of Mars in late 2015. I eventually revamped the entire thing in 2016, which is the Mars V2 you see above! Even that one went through a few updates- getting a new collar, new bow, etc. These sailor outfits have been a massive labor of love and with each one I just got better and better!

Costume Stats

Started: October 2014

Completed: March 2015

Status: retired (sold)

Wig by: Epic Cosplay- Hestia, Arda Wigs- Matilda

Worn at: OhayoCon 2015

Awards: none

About This Costume

All materials used in this version were matte spandex. The white top is double-lined for more opacity! This version was different from all my other sailor scouts in that the skirt was permanently attached to the white top, so the whole look was more like a dress. The collar and bows were still detachable though!

My skirt here is a pleated double circle skirt. Choker was stabilized with elastic, covered in spandex, and has star with glued gem sewn onto the front. It snaps on and off! All bows are interfaced with thick interfacing and are removable from the outfit.

Sleeve rolls and hip roll were done with batting, and hand sewn to the outfit. The heart was made using the ornaments from Hobby Lobby, and painted with nail polish (from the inside), and then filled with felt and fitted with a pin so I can remove the heart as needed.

The gloves are matte bridal gloves that I got on Amazon, and the rolls are made of polyfoam caulk saver, covered in spandex. Wig was styled by me, and tiara was made of worbla.

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