Momo Kurumi Cosplay is a veteran cosplayer, seamstress, artist, and designer, who strives to spread happiness and inspiration to all! A believer in "cosplay is for everyone", she advocates for diversity, acceptance, and positivity in the cosplay community and beyond. She aims to uplift artists to feel welcome and able to excel in cosplay , hosting panels and workshops around the U.S. that encourage and teach others how to unlock their unlimited cosplay potential.


Her experience as a seamstress and designer ranges from theater, to fashion, parades, theme parks, alterations, commissions, manufacturing, design, and even bridal! She has won numerous awards for her craftsmanship, and served as a contest judge at several conventions. Additionally, Momo has also worked as a brand ambassador with companies such as Funimation, Viz Media, Purple Plum Wigs, and more!

Social Media

Total Reach: 104,100+ Total Followers

Instagram: 60,100+   @momokurumicosplay

Facebook: 26,400+   Momo Kurumi Cosplay
Twitter: 10,700+   @momokurumicos

DeviantArt: 3,100+   MomoKurumi

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Basic Info

•Momo started going to cons and cosplaying in 2007

•She has been cosplaying for 12+ years

•Graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor's in Apparel Design

•Has been entering cosplay competitions for 10 years

•Has competed in 40+ contests and won 30+ awards!

•Has done 100+ cosplays, and made over 80 of them

•Developed and presented 10+ new panels since 2017

•Guested at 10 unique conventions since 2017

Audience Demographics

65% male, 35% female

65% ages 21-29, 18% ages 20 and under, 17% ages 30+

80% based in USA, 10% based in UK, Canada, & Mexico

•Top 5 US states: California, Texas, Ohio, Illinois, New York

46% income $20k-$40k, 35% income <$20k, 19% >$40k

•Occupations: artists, students, writers, designers, musicians

•Likes/Interests: gaming, comics, tech, anime, film, fantasy

•Brand affinites: Marvel, Playstation, Disney, Nintendo

Panels & Workshops

•Fake It 'Til You Make It: Cosplay Hacks and Tricks

•Lesser Known Cosplay Materials and Tools

•Intro to Competitive Cosplay Contests

•Diversity in Cosplay

•Building a Cosplay Brand

•Intro to Fabrics for Cosplay

•Intro to Resin Casting for Cosplay

•Working at the Most Magical Place on Earth

•Time Management for the Cos-Procrastinator

•Con Horror Stories


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Convention Experience

Anime Central 2017-2019: Hall Cosplay Contest Judge

Animatic Con 2019: Cosplay Guest, Cosplay Contest Judge

OhayoCon 2019: Cosplay Guest, Fashion Show Judge

Indy PopCon 2018: Contest Judge

EvilleCon 2018: Cosplay Guest, Contest Judge

Wizard World St. Louis 2018: Cosplay Guest, Contest Judge

KentokyoCon North 2018: Cosplay Guest

Cincinnati Comic Expo 2017: Cosplay Guest

KentokyoCon 2017: Cosplay Guest, Contest Judge

SoyCon 2017: Cosplay Guest

Anime St. Louis 2017: Cosplay Guest, Contest Judge

GojotekiCon 2017: Cosplay Guest, Contest Judge

AnimaticCon 2017: Cosplay Guest

IkasuCon 2014: Contest Judge

RamenCon 2011-2013: Masquerade Director

Brand Ambassador Experience

Purple Plum Inc. 2018-2019: Cosplay Wig Brand Ambassador

Viz Media at Anime Expo 2016: Official Sailor Mars Cosplayer for launch of Sailor Moon S

Funimation at Anime Boston 2013: Booth Ambassador, Official Michiko Cosplayer for U.S. premiere of Michiko to Hatchin

Funimation at Anime Central 2013: Cosplayer & Booth Ambassador

Notable Awards 🏆

Louisville SuperCon: Best in Show for Psylocke

Lexington CTC: Best Needlework for Princess Anna

Anime Crossroads: Best Masters for Princess Belle

OhayoCon: Best Masters for Sailor Neptune

KabochaCon: First Place for Mizore Shirayuki

MatsuriCon: Best Masters for Sailor Mars (Version 2)

Long Beach Comic Expo: Best Construction for Aurora

MatsuriCon: Best Masters for Space Faerie

KollisionCon: Best Craftsmanship for Yoko Littner

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Skills & Abilities

•machine sewing, hand sewing, alterations

•draping, flat patterning, pattern grading

•illustration, drawing, sketching, design

•Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

•video recording and editing

•basic DSLR portrait photography

•public speaking, presenting panels, emceeing

•wig styling and dyeing

•prop building and fabrication

•brand development and promotional partner

Available Services

•Convention guest appearances

•Cosplay contest judge, emcee, director

•Cosplay panels and workshops presenter

•Booth attendant, cosplay model/mascot

•Social media brand promotion, brand ambassador

•Product reviews, sponsored posts, blog posts

•Cosplay project partnerships and collaborations

•Costume fabrication for promotional purposes

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