Dani Phantom

Danny Phantom
Why Dani Phantom?

So, over the summer of 2012 I rewatched all of Danny Phantom and I'll be honest... who WOULDN'T I cosplay from Danny Phantom, haha. It's one of my all time favorite cartoons! I have since retired this costume, but I would like to remake it sometime in the future now that I have more experience with spandex!


I absolutely love Dani's origin and story, and wish she appeared in more of the show. Oh and she's NOT a genderbend of Danny Phantom (I get that a lot). She's an actual canon character- a failed clone, not just a genderswap of Danny hahaha. And she wasn't a failed clone because she was female, but because if she used too much of her powers, she would deconstruct, due to her unstable composition. It is for that reason I find her character interesting because she wants to fight and do the right thing, but it is often at her own detriment, which puts her in a precarious position.

Costume Stats

Started: June 2012

Completed: August 2012

Status: retired (sold)

Wig by: Cosplay-Wig

Worn at: MatusirCon 2012, Anime Central 2013

Awards: none

About This Costume

This is a pretty simple outfit, really. It was one of my first costumes done in entirely spandex as well as on my serger. The top was altered from a turtle neck pattern, and the pants were just sort of eyeballed by looking at my Paulina leggings. There's an elastic waistband in the pants as well as the turtleneck.


I never really finished the gloves, haha, so these are just altered ones from Claire's. If I were to remake it today, I would pick a different wig and put more effort into styling it! I think I would really like to revisit this character again. <3

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