From a young age, I have been drawing, crafting, and creating art. I started off drawing dragons and creating my own made up animals. For some time, I wanted to be a cartoonist or video game designer. In high school, I was introduced to anime and conventions and took to the hobby of cosplay quickly. It then became a lifelong passion of mine to create costumes, and I graduated with a degree in Apparel Design and Technology and minor in Art and Design. Learning never stops though, and I'm always up for a new challenge!

My professional experience as a seamstress includes working in a theater costume shop as well as an alterations shop. I also have experience as a costumer in Entertainment Costuming at Disneyland with a focus in Parades (mainly, Paint the Night). I've also worked retail at Disneyland as well as Joann Fabric, and more! 



Within the past few years, I have made over 60 costumes, won several awards for my craftsmanship, and been invited to judge several costume contests. Additionally, I have had the honor to guest for various conventions, as well as collaborate with companies like Viz Media and Funimation. From 2012-2014 I also ran the masquerade at RamenCon in Indiana. Currently, I have a repertoire of about 10 panels that I regularly present at conventions ranging from craftsmanship content, to social issues in the cosplay world, as well as how to brand yourself as a cosplayer.

As of late, I have been producing downloadable sewing patterns for Etsy and posting informational cosplay videos on YouTube. My channel features series that break down costumes piece by piece, various tutorials, reviews, and informational videos! Eventually, I would love to make a litany of patterns available for sale either through download, or eventually in printed format as well! Stay tuned for these product updates! 



It is my goal to spread positivity in the community, and awareness for diversity in several aspects of cosplay. Truly, I believe cosplay is for everyone, since cosplay is for fun! And thus, everyone is entitled to have a fun space to share their love for a series, express themselves creatively, and just in general be their nerdy selves and embrace the community warmly.

My mission statement in cosplay is as follows:



"Momo Kurumi Cosplay provides quality cosplay costumes, accessories, sewing patterns, and educational content to cosplayers globally. Momo seeks to equip dreamers with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to follow their heart and achieve their goals; to be extraordinary, to be creative, and to cultivate positivity and diversity in the cosplay community."


"Dreaming is nice,                             

                      and doing is great,


but doing your dream is


Current Skills:



• machine sewing, hand sewing

 • draping, flat patterning

• pattern grading and alterations

• fitting and garment alterations



• fast gestural sketching

• traditional and digital illustration

• fine line work with ink pen and pen tool

• Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop



• basic photography and DSLR  experience

• Photoshop, Aperture 3 editing software



 • ability to work in teams or individually

• effective verbal and written communication

• strong performer in presentations



Developing Skills:



• makeup and wig styling

• patterning software

• prop  building and fabrication

• work with thermoplastics 

• sublimation dye  fabric design

• flash and studio photography

• video recording and editing

A Little Background...

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