Black Cat

Why Black Cat?

Black Cat has always been a favorite of mine: white hair, black suit, acrobatic, and anti-hero. There's something fascinating about characters who are multifaceted- it makes them mysterious, unpredictable, and most importantly, interesting!


This is my second attempt of a Black Cat suit. The first was done in a heavier version of this spandex, and was too unforgiving in that it hardly allowed me movement, and also did not flatter my figure well because of the bulky material. So a few months later I remade it in this spandex, and found it to be a far lovelier look! Sleekier, sexier, and comfier than before!

Costume Stats

Started: November 2014

Completed: December 2014

Status: retired (sold)

Wig by: Wig Fashion, later; Epic Cosplay

Worn at: not worn to any events

Awards: none

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About This Costume

This suit is designed as a one-panel cat suit, so there's no side seams, but it technically has a center front panel to improve the fit and reduce drag lines on the torso and waist. The fur is all hand sewn on.


There is a functioning center front zipper with rhinestone teeth. The zipper pull is also blinged out with a crystal-studded ring. The sparkles continue into the collar, where it is studded with Swarovskies, and a jewel tag.


For my claws, I opted for white claws to give them contrast with the suit. I think it really makes them pop, and in general looks fiercer! It works well with Black Cat because of her white and black color scheme.


The mask is an altered craft mask, carved out with a craft blade, and then covered in the same fabric as the suit. It sticks on with fashion tape.

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