Princess Aurora

Sleeping Beauty
Why Aurora?

In case it wasn't obvious from the copious amounts of it on my website, pink is one of my favorite colors! It's just so cheerful and bright, and I like to joke that if my personality were a color, it would definitely be pink. Despite that, even though I had been cosplaying for a few years by 2015, I was severely lacking in the pink cosplays department! I hadn't done a predominately pink cosplay since 2009 with Anya Alstreim!


II love the timeless look of Aurora's pink dress, and the patterning seemed like a fun challenge! Lucky for me, Casa Satin was repping this GORGEOUS shade of pink called Sachet Pink. I will never forgive them for discontinuing it, because it's my favorite pink. I'd also love to make it in blue, but that has been equally hard to find fabrics for, so maybe one day it'll happen. In the meantime, I could always cosplay her as Briar Rose, that outfit is also adorable!

Costume Stats

Started: August 2015

Completed: October 2015

Status: active

Wig by: Wig is Fashion

Worn at: Long Beach Comic Expo 2016, GojotekiCon 2017

Awards: Best Sewing and Craftsmanship - Long Beach Comic Expo 2016

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About This Costume

This is one of my favorite costumes that I have made to date, probably because it involves so much PINK, and my favorite shade of it at that! Unfortunately it was discontinued, and I am devastated, because otherwise I would buy a ton more of it for other cosplays like Chibi Moon and Princess Peach! But anyways, I digress...

The whole look was patterned by me- the dress is sectioned into different segments for ease of dressing, cleaning, and caring. The bodice is all one piece with collar and sleeves attached, and laces up in the back. It features a caviar bead organza overlay, and ribbon with hand-glued crystals on the hem of the sleeves. The bottom points of the bodice and sleeves also feature little lace details, which were cut from a much wider lace, but I only wanted those little points of it.

The peplum (or whatever it's called) is it's own piece, and is glitter scroll organza layered over satin. It has an elastic waistband for easy in and out, as do the skirt and skirt liner! The skirt liner features rose lace on the bottom hem to mimic the scallops in her design. I also made my own tulle petticoats to give the skirt more dimension, but not so much it looks super cup-cakey. There is a rough tulle one and a soft tulle one that sits over top of that.

Underneath the skirts and petticoats, are also some white princess bloomers I made for more comfort, and peace of mind that I'm always "princess appropriate" as Aurora, hahaha. The tiara and necklace were made by me out of PETG plastic, and painted gold and coated in clear gloss. For the wig, I just styled the bangs a bit, but I admit, Aurora's hair style is a tricky one! The wig is pretty old now, so perhaps I will revisit it.

Why Aurora?

Once again, Aurora is far from my favorite princess, however I love her classic silhouette and of course, any excuse to wear a pink dress! While brainstorming what kind of princess or character to do for Disneyland Dapper Day 2016, I pondered some characters like Moana, Ariel, etc. but wanted to stand out in a way, without being overly gaudy or costume-y. I decided to do a dress based on Aurora's silhouette, since it would be fairly easy to recognize the look, and even after removing several elements of her costume, you can still get a clear resemblance with a simple dress.


But just in case, I wore the wig with it! And no, it wasn't an issue at the park, hahaha. Some people wear their character-accurate wigs to the parks and it is controversial in the Disneybounding community, but mine wasn't super out there, like wearing Jasmine's wig or anything. In any case, the dress was a big hit, and I got a lot of people asking me where I got it, or if I could make them one too! Sadly, no, I'm not commissioning this look at this time, sorryyyyy. ;P

Costume Stats

Started: April 2016

Completed: May 2016

Status: active

Wig by: Wig is Fashion

Worn at: DapperDay 2016, Anime St. Louis 2017,

MatsuriCon 2018

Awards: Best Dressed - MatsuriCon Fashion Show 2018

About This Costume

Made using a modifed version of my Aurora pattern, this Dapper Day look was a big hit! It was relatively simple to make, and once again, I got to enjoy drowning in pink! It is made of a Calico print cotton from Hobby Lobby, and actually has subtle scroll designs printed on it. I opted to use the fabric throughout the whole look aside from the collar so that it wouldn't look too much like a costume.


Despite me wanting it to appear more like a casual sundress, it came out like a semi-formal tea dress ahahaha. Not that I'm complaining, but a sundress would be way more comfortable! This one has quite a bit of structure to keep it up and in place, so it isn't the comfiest, and after a while, the posture I have to maintain gets a little rough on the spine.

The skirt is also made more fun by having a soft tulle petticoat underneath. It really gave it the perfect amount of "oomph". There is a poly satin lining between the cotton skirt and petticoat so that it flows nicely and doesn't get bunched up. The hair bow was made using fusible interfacing, pretty simple! I made another bow in my Venus hair bow style as well, which I think looks cute, but doesn't pop from the front as much as my first bow style did.

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